About Lantern Lane Creations

Lantern Lane Creations is all about “custom” work! Here you can order your custom tack, made the way you want it. You are able to order conchos to your specifications; size, finish, bling, print, etc. Offered are zebra print, leopard print, metallic, floral, snakeskin, custom made conchos.

We also offer custom made dog collars! Having done border collie rescue for some years now, I take great delight in “blinging” my dogs out. I currently own and train 5 border collies, and all wear my dog collars. My collars are affordable, as we all know how rough the herding dog breeds play with each other!

In my choices of leather, I offer 4 colors. Black, English Bridle, Medium oil, and Hermann Oak Leather. Should you want Light Oil, I will order it in for you, but I do NOT stock light oil.

Hide coverings are numerous! I collect hides like some women collect shoes! If you don’t see it, ask me. Chances are I haven’t photographed it and posted the pic.

My business is run from my home, which is in a very rural part of East Central Illinois, but in the 3rd largest county in the state.

I am a horse owner myself, currently having 6 horses and a 37 year old shetland pony! Although I grew up riding English, once the kids came along I converted! We have traveled the midwest with my daughter, now grown and married, as a member of NBHA and IBRA. We have met alot of nice people along the way, spectacular horses while on this journey, and many wonderful customers. And to all of you, I say “Thank you!”




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